Plantar Fasciitis

This information is a summary of treatment approaches that were shared with us by experienced clinicians that are using our products successfully in their patients. Obviously, every patient is different and needs an individualized approach, thus the described clinical approaches can only serve orientation purposes.

Approach A

Product(s) & Dosage: If pain is more acute, 2.2 cc Traumeel® Injection Solution mixed with 1 to 2 cc of 0.5% bupivacaine hydrochloride or 0.5% marcaine plain

Application: Inject into the area of tenderness on the medial plantar aspect of the origin of the plantar fascia

Duration: Injection may be repeated once a week for up to 3 weeks

Approach B

Product(s) & Dosage: In chronic, intermittent plantar fascial pain, a combination of 2.2 cc Traumeel® and 2.0 cc Zeel® Injection Solutions mixed with 1-2 cc 0.5% marcaine plain is recommended

Application: The mixture is given as an injection at the trigger point area of tenderness, around the plantar medial calcaneal tuberosity area of the foot, optimally along with the following acupuncture points: KI 3, KI 4, and KI 5

Duration: Injections may be repeated once a week for up to 3 weeks

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