Rotator Cuff Syndrome

This information is a summary of treatment approaches that were shared with us by experienced clinicians that are using our products successfully in their patients. Obviously, every patient is different and needs an individualized approach, thus the described clinical approaches can only serve orientation purposes.

Approach A

Product(s) & Dosage: 2.2 cc Traumeel® Injection Solution alone or mixed with an anesthetic (e.g. 1-2 cc lidocaine)

Application:A lateral approach is generally used, though other approaches have been described. A 20-25G, 1.5” needle is suitable for this approach. Traumeel® Injection Solution can be intermixed with lidocaine in the same syringe. Image guided injections are more accurate, but also require a skilled clinician who is familiar with the technique and equipment.

Duration: Once a week for three consecutive weeks

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